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Cracked Doll | UD Halloween Look

Go all out on your Halloween makeup this year with our Cracked Doll look—the perfect way to prove dolls don’t have to be cutesy and pristine.
Amanda Rodriguez, our artist in residence, and makeup-genius-slash-beauty-blogger Angie Davis (of Goldie Starling) created their own artistic versions of this look and each one turned out amazing. It’ll take some skill to master the intricate details, but anyone can do it with a little practice. Scroll down to get all the info.

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I'm a Mouse, Duh | UD Halloween Look

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween makeup idea, we’ve got you covered. Amanda Rodriguez, our artist in residence, got together with lifestyle blogger Kathleen Barnes (the stylish mastermind behind Carrie Bradshaw Lied) to create a look we call “I’m a Mouse, Duh.”
Inspired by one of our favorite cult-classic movies, this whole look is super easy to copy (for the makeup novices and procrastinators)—we even added a sexy, feminine edge to it (faux leather bodysuits will do that). It doesn’t take much to achieve this Halloween look, but it’ll still turn heads. Scroll through for all the steps and products you’ll need.

Unicorn Tears | UD Halloween Look

As far as fantasy Halloween makeup ideas go, mermaids are out and unicorns are IN.

And we’re ALL over it this year. Amanda Rodriguez, our artist and residence, and talented beauty blogger Kristen Leanne channeled their inner unicorn and created a look that’s fun and insanely colorful. They went at it using tons of vibrant shades within our lineup—from liners to glitter. They didn’t hold back and neither should you. It’ll take a little more time and skill than our I’m a Mouse, Duh look, but it’s worth the extra effort. Check out all the details below.

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